Habitual Pirate

Greater Racquet-tailed Drongo (Dicrurus paradiseus) with Rufous Woodpeckers (Celus brachyurus) The tropical downpour had eased off, as I made my way along a narrow forest trail leading up the hillside. Wet emerald and viridian foliage glistened as though it had just been varnished, while heavy rain drops splashed in slow-motion onto the damp leaf litter … Read more Habitual Pirate

Moon Moth Meal

Brown-hooded Kingfisher (Halcyon albiventris) with Lunar Moth (Argema mimosae) The bird hide at Lake Panic in the Kruger National Park is a terrific spot that rarely fails to reward a patient birder with something of interest. In summer, the place could easily be called ‘Kingfisher Paradise’ because it is not unusual to see six species … Read more Moon Moth Meal

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