Parrot Land

Crimson rosella

Twenty years ago to the day – 15 September 1993 – and I have left Africa for the first time (since arriving as a 13 year old British immigrant in 1969) and am walking – and birding – on another continent. With so much wildlife to see and explore in southern Africa, my mind has … Read more Parrot Land

Heart Spotted

Heart spotted woodpeckers illustration

Heart-spotted Woodpeckers (Hemicircus canente), Khao Yai NP, Thailand © Duncan Butchart, 2013 Thailand is home to 35 species of woodpecker (more than any other country apart from neighbouring Myanmar) and – incredibly – we had five of them in view, at one time, as we looked out at the forested slope from our vantage point … Read more Heart Spotted

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