Bandhavgarh – Tiger Poster

Bandhavgarh National Park covers an area of 105 km2 in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, with a ‘buffer zone’ of some 700km2 surrounding this core conservation area.  Predominant habitats are Sal forest, grassland and bamboo thickets and this is one of the best Indian reserves in which to see tigers; 20 territorial Bengal Tigers are known in the ‘tourism zone’, and a similar number estimated in the buffer zone where conflict with substance farmers is monitored and managed. The most prominent rocky ridge in the park was once used as a natural fort, and the famous reclining statue of Shesh-Saiya is of deep significance to Hindu people. In this design a Black-rumped Flameback (Lesser Goldenback) is shown foraging in the Sal forest, with the Bandhavgarh hillside behind.

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