Arizona – World’s Apart

If you visit Arizona in springtime (March-April) it is possible to experience the best of the two extremes of North American landscape – flowering desert and snowy forest – within just a few hours’ drive. Based only own trip to Arizona in April 2013, I have now completed vintage-style poster-print designs for these two remarkably beautiful and diverse parts of Arizona: the Sonora Desert and White Mountains.

The cactus-dominated Sonora Desert extends from central Arizona (embracing the towns of Phoenix and Tucson) into Mexico, with the iconic Saguaro Cactus reaching a height of 15 metres (50 feet). A host of fascinating cacti and other succulents occur in this arid biome, with Hedgehog Cactus, Prickly-pear Cactus and red-flowering Ocotillo among the notable species. Cactus Wren and Gila Woodpecker (which excavates breeding holes in the tall Saguaros) were among the resident birds I observed.

Some images from Sonora Desert, Arizona, April 2013.

Heading east out of Phoenix (330 metres above sea level), the road rises steeply into mountainous country that represents the southern extremity of the Rocky Mountains. In springtime – above an elevation of around 2,000 metres – there is still a lot of snow around towns such as Springerville and Greer. Groves of white-barked Trembling Aspen trees grow among the forests of spruce and pine, with Red-naped Sapsucker being one of five woodpecker species that I encountered. Once the traditional home of the Apache people, the White Mountains are an integral part of the historically-contentious Fort Apache Indian Reservation.

Some images from White Mountains, Arizona, April 2013.

Duncan Butchart

All World Journey Collection poster-prints are available in three sizes: A1, A2 (pictured here) and A3.

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