Wakkerstroom is a small town situated on highveld plateau of South Africa. A Southern Bald Ibis strides through high-elevation grassland, where a Long-tailed Widowbird is in its display flight.

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Wakkerstroom isn’t a national park, or even a nature reserve . . it is a little village surrounded by high-altitude grasslands and wetlands. In addition to providing vital habitat for numerous threatened grassland species, the region surrounding this small town is part of the Mpumalanga highveld plateau where many of South Africa’s most important rivers have their source. As such, it is one of the country’s most precious yet vulnerable areas. BirdLife South Africa and WWF have worked for the protection of these moist grasslands (primarily from coal-mining interests) for many years, and the Ekangala Grassland Project is an important conservancy in the area. BirdLife SA’s tourism and education centre on the edge of the Wakkerstroom village provides resources and expert bird guides to travellers. A Southern Bald Ibis strides through the grassland, while a Long-tailed Widowbird is in characteristic display flight behind.

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